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In addition to the work maintained in repositories within the substrait-io GitHub organization, a growing list of other open source projects have adopted Substrait.

Acero is a query execution engine implemented as a part of the Apache Arrow C++ library. Acero provides a Substrait consumer interface.
ADBC (Arrow Database Connectivity) is an API specification for Apache Arrow-based database access. ADBC allows applications to pass queries either as SQL strings or Substrait plans.
Arrow Flight SQL
Arrow Flight SQL is a client-server protocol for interacting with databases and query engines using the Apache Arrow in-memory columnar format and the Arrow Flight RPC framework. Arrow Flight SQL allows clients to send queries as SQL strings or Substrait plans.
DataFusion is an extensible query planning, optimization, and execution framework, written in Rust, that uses Apache Arrow as its in-memory format. DataFusion provides a Substrait producer and consumer that can convert DataFusion logical plans to and from Substrait plans. It can be used through the DataFusion Python bindings.
DuckDB is an in-process SQL OLAP database management system. DuckDB provides a Substrait extension that allows users to produce and consume Substrait plans through DuckDB’s SQL, Python, and R APIs.
Gluten is a plugin for Apache Spark that allows computation to be offloaded to engines that have better performance or efficiency than Spark’s built-in JVM-based engine. Gluten converts Spark physical plans to Substrait plans.
Ibis is a Python library that provides a lightweight, universal interface for data wrangling. It includes a dataframe API for Python with support for more than 10 query execution engines, plus a Substrait producer to enable support for Substrait-consuming execution engines.
Substrait R Interface
The Substrait R interface package allows users to construct Substrait plans from R for evaluation by Substrait-consuming execution engines. The package provides a dplyr backend as well as lower-level interfaces for creating Substrait plans and integrations with Acero and DuckDB.
Velox is a unified execution engine aimed at accelerating data management systems and streamlining their development. Velox provides a Substrait consumer interface.

To add your project to this list, please open a pull request.